Faster with WebAssembly

The future of the web platform looks brighter than ever.The web platform is getting a new low-level binary compile format that will do a better job at being a compiler target than JavaScript.WebAssembly is an emerging standard whose goal is to define a safe, portable, size- and load-time efficient binary compiler target which offers near-native performance - a virtual CPU for the Web. WebAssembly is being developed in a W3C Community Group (CG) whose members include Mozilla, Microsoft, Google and Apple.

At Diginext, we take proud in being pioneer in R&D and innovations. We don't hesitate to challenge our methods to provide the highest performance to our customers. So today we are excited to announce that we are supporting the Web assembly technology in VirtualGeo Web. This standard will enable VirtualGeo Web to be faster and more robust for all the applications requiring 3D real-time high performance on the Web. For compatibility with older browsers, the Javascript version will still be supported, the version to use will be automatically choosen at runtime.

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