Cartographic System for Space Ground Segment.

DIGINEXT has successfully delivered to Airbus Defence & Space the cartographic system for the French CSO User Ground Segment, the Optical Space Component of MUSIS (Multinational Space-based Imaging System) program. The implemented cartographic system takes advantage of the latest capabilities of the software solution VirtualGeo.

The integration of defence geographic, hydrographic, oceanographic and meteorological data in the system is based on the VirtualGeo Studio product, which permits to import any data from the French program GEODE4D and publish them on the Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) serving the Ground Segment. VirtualGeo Server components compose the IDS to stream efficiently all geospatial data required by the Ground Segment and offer some specific services to operators (geocoding, advanced filters, environment requests, etc.).

Finally the various features offered by the Ground Segment to operators are based on a rich 3D Virtual Globe, integrated using the development kit VirtualGeo SDK for Java.

Beyond CSO Ground Segment program, Airbus Defence & Space has also chosen to integrate a similar cartographic system, based on VirtualGeo solution, to implement other cartographic ground segments for its export customers, for example in the United Arab Emirates.

CSO Interface-view 1 bpc cso musis CSO Interface-view 2

Ground segment CSO Interface